Chiropractic Testimonials

“I admit, I am a crochet-aholic….Doctors were suggesting surgery. I had to try the laser! 1st session? 50% better & no more daily Tylenol 2nd session…even better….thank you for not giving up on me, Dr. Andy!”

- L. Nees

“I have been to several chiropractors, and I wouldn’t want to see any chiropractor other than Dr. Andy!”

- B. Edina

“Dr. Andy’s knowledge of the body, health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, and medicine makes him unique. I couldn’t change chiropractors and find another chiropractor with his range of knowledge and experience.”

- M.C.

“I had surgery scheduled for a bulging disc between my L5 S1. I was in so much pain I was using crutches to walk. Dr. Andy started adjusting me and the pain was soon tolerable. Then he suggested decompression therapy. The first time I tried it, I had a bit more relief, and always felt better after each session. I went consistently twice a week for approximately a month and the pain in my back and down my leg was gone. I was skeptical at first but now could not be more grateful that Dr. Andy suggested this type of therapy in replacement to surgery. I am back to my daily routines and started running again and back to the gym. Thank you, Dr. Andy!”

- Anonymous

“Dr Andy has been able to adjust my low back, an area that no other chiropractor could get to move…”

- Lance R.

“Thank you for allowing me to sleep again! After my auto accident, I could not sleep due to the horrible pain in my back and neck, but after my last massage I slept like a baby!”

- Sue H.

“I had been suffering with Tennis Elbow for many months, and within a couple of treatments with IASTM my pain was gone.”

- Tony R.

“Active mobilization is so different from the adjustments I received at other chiropractic offices, this really worked on my chronic knee pain.”

- Bob R.

“I was taped by Dr Andy for a quadriceps strain while training for the squat in the MN state powerlifting meet. He calls it magic tape and I definitely agree. I was able to work through my injury and still record a personal record in the squat.”

- Steve H.

“Dr. Andy has been my diet and training coach for my three bodybuilding shows including a 1st at Jr. Nationals, 1st at Mr. Minnesota, and a 5th at USA nationals. I credit much of my success to his knowledge and motivation.”

- Troy S.

“I treated with Dr. Andy after a car accident in which I had disc bulges in my neck and lower back, after 6 weeks of rehab I have a substantial reduction in pain and my core is stronger than it has ever been.”

- Chris R.

“Dr. Andy was so great to work with after my auto accident. The massage therapists were excellent and skilled, the adjustments and mobilization techniques worked fantastically, and the back and neck exercises that he walked me through every treatment made my back and neck stronger than before the accident.”

- Lori R.

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